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Medical Floor Recruiter is a division of The Clinical Recruiter, a nationwide healthcare placement firm. Medical Floor Recruiter focuses exclusively on the Medical Floor space. This allows the recruiters on the team to become experts in the niche and to keep up with the ever-changing requirements of the position and skill sets of the individuals that work in this challenging field.

We offer permanent and interim placement in Hospital, LTAC, Rehab and subacute settings, Med/Surg, Ortho, Neuro, Baratric, Oncology, Telemetry, PCU, Sub Acute, etc

• Corporate Directors

• Regional/Divisional Directors

• Hospital Directors

• Managers/Supervisors

• Staff Level

Our team of recruiters network with Medical Floor candidates from health systems, hospitals, LTACHs, Rehab, Sub Acute centers to identify opportunities to work with individuals. The Medical Floor Recruiter’s objective is to provide/locate premium opportunities for our candidates and fill employment needs of top employers nationwide with qualified candidates. Our daily interaction with Medical Floor personnel and employers allow our recruiters to gain first-hand knowledge of the workspace trends. Thereafter, we use this information to focus on meeting the needs of both the employer and candidate to create a mutually beneficial, long lasting, employment arrangement.

Medical Floor Employers: One phone call or email to the Case Management Recruiter puts a focused team to work conducting a nation-wide search to identify, qualify and present your organization with the best available Case Management candidatures for your opportunity.

Medical Floor Candidates: One phone call puts you in touch with a focused team that consults with you, spending the time necessary to identify your unique needs, and executes a search to identify top opportunities that fit your needs. In essence, we work as your case management employment agent.

Candidates: We Uncover the Top Opportunities for you!

Our recruiters work in specific healthcare disciplines, in this case Medical Floor Nursing. This allows our recruiters to get to know the ins and outs of the unit and how a candidate’s experience should match up to a certain position. Let’s face it, sometime the job description is somewhat vague on the actual experience needed for a good match. Our team only presents positions that match your experience.

Our recruiters also network with candidates everyday figuring out what a next step would look like for the candidate. We ask questions about the candidate’s preference in geographical areas, compensation ranges, size or scoop of the units, career goals etc.

Once we find a match we contact the candidate explain the position and with their approval we present them to a position.

So why not have someone looking out for you!

Clients: We Find the RIGHT Talent for you!

There is nothing more frustrating than having candidates presented to the position that have little to no experience with that specific unit. A lot of recruiters work different job orders that here is nothing in common with each other and rely on selling you a candidate. We ensure our candidates are qualified for the positions.

As frustrating is going through the recruitment process, hiring someone and then 1 year from now repeating the process. To many times employers find candidates that are looking for a job...any job. Our process is to identify top PASSIVE talent. Candidates that commit to a position because it fits their long-term goals. These candidates are not really looking but are open to the right opportunity.

Our recruitment staff networks with candidates in their space daily asking them what their next position looks like from a geographical, financial, advancement and personal levels. We uncover this position we reach back out to present it to the candidate ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship.

Permanent Placement

We specialize in finding the perfect candidate or job opportunity to make this move/hire last.

Interim Management Positions

Finding the right person for your opportunity is extremely challenging in this environment. At times clients will need to bridge the gap between hires. Let us help find you the candidate. We have a database full of candidates that only work interim roles.

Travel Assignments

Having trouble filling temporary seasonal staff needs? Need short term assistance to bolster your staff. Call us, we can help fill those needs.

Looking to work as a travel RN, RT or Tech? Call us we have employers nation-wide looking to fill gaps!

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